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Software Development and Consulting


We strive to maximize quality and performance for the end user under the given constraints. We believe in fully automating as much as possible to maximize quality, trust and let humans do more interesting things. We believe in having everything documented in code. We accept that time and resources can't get everything perfectly as we want, but will always look for ways of getting closer.


We specialize in cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure. We take on full stack development, including infrastructure, setting up a CI/CD pipeline, DevOps, DevSecOps, end-to-end testing and more. Always delivered fully automated in code as much as possible. If you start from scratch, we can bring our own infrastrcture-as-code scripts (using Terraform) to kickstart a secured production ready environment. We do smaller projects and Big-Data pipelines. We can do batch and we can do real-time. In terms of programming languages we are agnostic and learn what we need. We have recent experience with Java, Scala, Kotlin, C++, Golang, Python and JavaScript.

We do not have have our own design- or user experience experts, even if we see this as an important aspect of any human-interfacing software.


We prefer the initial contact to be asynchronous by email, but will happily provide you with more synchronous means of reaching us upon request.